Everything you need to know about getting started with Sourcing Playground.

Here's how to create your project.

Step 1

Add the basics to your projects. This information will be important for suppliers when searching for projects.

Project name
Give your project a name. This is how your project will be shown and displayed to suppliers, so try to include the products you are looking for with a brief description about your request. This will help suppliers easily understand what products you are looking for.
E.g. Premium, high quality organic makeup range

It pays to give a project a relevant and easily remembered name, that will differentiate the project from others you may be running. If you are dealing with multiple sourcing projects, this is even more important.

Add Categories
Add all the categories that are relevant to your project and products
E.g. Health, Beauty & Cosmetics

Add Products
Add each product that you are looking for. It is important that the products you add are relevant because this information determines which suppliers see your request. Your project will be sent to all the suppliers who have the same products attached to their profile. You can add several products within one request.
E.g. Makeup, Foundation, Lipstick,

Step 2

Project size
This helps suppliers to get an idea about your opportunity size for your first order. Select the appropriate value that you think your project is worth.

Project stage
Choose the appropriate stage at which you are at for sourcing your products. Are you at the early stages just enquiring for pricing or are you ready to order and get started.

Supplier type
Highlight if you require a specific type of supplier to quote on your project. This ensures that you receive quotations from relevant suppliers.
You can select 'I don't mind' if you do not have any specific requirements.

Step 3

This is the most important section for your project to ensure you get accurate quotations.
Add the details for each individual product / SKU that you are looking for. Please make sure that you describe your product features, specifications in as much detail as possible.

Add a product name
E.g. Organic oil free makeup remover 100ml
Add a product description. Make sure to add as much information as possible including: specifications, features, colours, size, product requirements. Without this detail suppliers will not be able to provide accurate quotes.
E.g. Gentle, non irritating. Does not leave an oily residue. Lavender scent. 100 mL / 3.38 fl oz
Select the units that the products are counted in
Add the quantity you are looking to order
Add the target cost that you require for the product for that specific quantity. If you are unsure of the target cost you can tick the 'not sure' box
If you would like to receive quotes for different quantities you can 'Add more price breaks'. Typically the more you order from a supplier the cheaper the pricing. You can ask the supplier to provide a cost breakdown for different quantities. E.g.
500 / units $5.00
100 / units $7.00
Attach files, technical drawings, images of the products you are looking for. You will receive better quotes from suppliers if you provide images of the products you are looking for.
Add the lead time for your products - the time in which is takes for the products to be made ready to ship.

Step 4

Project description
Add an introduction / summary for your project. This helps to give context around your request and provides the supplier with more information about what you are looking for. This also helps the supplier understand what type of customer you will be. Are you looking for adhoc production or are you looking for a supplier to help develop your product from scratch?
E.g. I am looking to start my own brand of makeup and I'm looking for a long term supplier to produce my products. Initially we will be selling liquid makeup but in six months hope to extend the range into pressed powders and professional brushes & tools.

Importing country
Select the country the goods are imported into. (The receiving country of the exported goods.)

Now all that's left to do is Post Your Project.
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You will then need to sign in or sign up to finish posting your project so you can start to receive quotes from our database of suppliers.

Good luck with your search.

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