How to use Sourcing Playground to win new customers for your products

How it works

1. Search for projects
Search for buyers projects by product. You can narrow your search by filtering by category, project size, stage, location to help you find the customers you are looking for.
You can click on a project listing to see more details. Each project will detail the individual product(s) that the buyer is looking for with specifications and features.

Browse projects

2. Submit a quote
Once you have found a project that you are able to supply then you can submit a quote.
Within your quote you will need to add an introduction, pricing, lead times, MOQ (minimum order quantities) and a why work with us section. We will automatically pull the information from your supplier profile along with your quote so that the buyer has a much better overview of your company and the services you offer.


We recommend that you spend time to personalise your quotes and to introduce your company to each buyer. Take the time to explain in detail about about your company, the products you sell in the Intro and Why work with us section of your quote.

It is possible that you need more information from the buyer in order to provide an accurate quote.
If you need more information then you can tick the 'temporary' pricing check box. This indicates to the buyer that you are able to supply however you'd need more information and to discuss the product requirements in more depth.

This ensures that you do not miss out on bidding for the opportunity however the buyer needs to clarify more details. As you will only be able to chat with the buyer once you have submitted a quote.

3. Chat
Once you have submitted your quote the buyer will automatically be added to your contact list and you can start chating with them.

Use the chat to send more information and discuss the buyer's project in more depth. You can send images, technical files, product images and presentations to help demonstrate your capabilities as a company.

The chat will give the buyer the opportunity to ask you about; your products & services, the process, samples, delivery, lead times, key launch dates etc to help them make their decision about which supplier to choose.
We recommend to take a proactive approach and send the buyer more information to help guide them on the process of developing the products.
Suppliers who are more responsive and answer buyer's questions and enquiries have a much better chance of winning the buyer.

4. Win business
If a buyer is happy to use your production services they will award their project to you! (Whoop) Congratulations you have just won a new customer.

You can now use the chat to discuss their project and key launch dates.
Again take the proactive approach and help guide the buyer on the next stages of development.
Samples, timelines, lead times, ordering schedule, delivery etc.

You are the experts, help the buyer on their product development process.
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