Stay in control of all the notifications and alerts that you receive from us

Login to your Sourcing Playground account
Go to Settings
Then click Notifications

Here is everything you will need to adjust the notifications you receive and how often you receive them.

Email address - this is the email that we will use to contact you about any activity on Sourcing Playground.

Active Projects
Get notified about all active projects. We highly recommend you keep these on to ensure you don't miss out on an enquiry or message from a buyer who you have sent a quote to.

Buyers Requests
Get notified when a new project is posted matching your criteria. Every time a buyer posts a new project with the same criteria that you've selected, you will be notified.
You can choose the products, project size, stage and company type.

For example: If you've selected Hoodies on your supplier profile, you will receive an email every time a buyer posts a project looking for hoodies. This ensure you get notified when buyers are looking for your exact products.

Below is an example of settings ensuring you will only receive emails for projects with a budget of $10,000 or more:
Change these settings under "Settings > Notifications"

Get started
If you'd like to receive tips and support about how to best use Sourcing Playground to ensure you maximise your opportunities to win new customers then you can select this option.

Notifications for messages
Customise what notifications you receive for different messages. For example you can select to be notified when a buyer sends you a message. We recommend that you keep all the message notifications on. This will ensure you never miss out on a message from a buyer.

Other notifications
You can also select to receive digests, newsletters and announcements from Sourcing Playground.
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