Successful suppliers have complete profiles that showcase the very best of their capabilities, products, services and accomplishments. Your profile is one of your most important assets giving you the opportunity to advertise your products to potential buyers. It's the first impression that a buyer will get of your company and it will be automatically sent with your quotations so you want to make sure you make a good first impression.

In this article we'll explain how you can reach a 100% completed profile. You can find your profile completion score on the right-hand panel from your dashboard.

Supplier profile completion score

Refer to the following list to show you the breakdown of how the completion score is calculated

Overview - 25%
Your Products - 20%
Product Portfolio - 15%
History - 10%
Certifications - 10%
Reviews - 20%

Add the following information to each section in your supplier profile and make sure to click save this section to add it to your profile's completion score.


- Your company name
- Company logo
- Country
- Your annual turnover
- Company type
- No of employees

Overview company

Pro Tip: To personalise your supplier profile, you can add a cover photo which will be displayed at the top of the page. It is an opportunity for you to create an attractive profile and to give an insight into your company.

- You can also add a company gallery to show buyers inside your company and more importantly to show who you are and your employees. Buyers love to see the human faces behind the products. Upload images of your employees, factory, work space, machinery etc.

Overview cover photo & company gallery

- Services and capabilities - here you can add what services your company offers. I.e. if you have a design team that can help with product design, or specific machinery or production capacity.

Company information / description - add an introduction about your company. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and pitch your company's services. What makes you special as a supplier, what are your unique selling points - this is your chance to grab the attention of a buyer.

Overview company description
Don't forget to click save this section.


This section is where you add details about yourself. User information will not be shown on your public profile. It will only be shown when you submit a quotation and on your messages, so the buyer knows who they are talking to. This is very important to help give a more personal introduction to new buyers. Make sure to add a profile picture as well 👍

Don't forget to click save this section.

Your products

- Product information / description - describe the product lines you offer highlighting key features and information about each. This is your chance to advertise and explain what makes your products different.

- Category - add the relevant category for your products.
You can tick the box underneath to get notified when any buyer is looking for a supplier within this category. However, this may be a lot of notification to receive. Instead, choose the appropriate products (next step) to receive notification for these products only.

- Products - add all the products that you can supply. This information is important as it will determine what notifications you receive. Make sure you choose the right products to get notified when a buyer is looking for a supplier of these products.

Pro Tip: You can change the notifications you receive by going to 'Settings' then 'notifications'.


Don't forget to click save this section.

Product portfolio

Your product portfolio is practically guaranteed to draw a potential buyer's attention. It's your chance to show the products you manufacture & supply. Choose products that reflect your niche & speciality and help prove your specialisation.
Add each product individually adding:

Name of product
Minimum order quantity
Price range: min - max
Images of the products

Product portfolio

Don't forget to click save this section.


- Explain your company history and provide information about your experience and expertise. Explain which export markets you've had experience with. Add any interesting facts or achievements that you have had as a company.

- Add the customers who you have worked with in the past

Don't forget to click save this section.


- Select from the drop down list any relevant certifications, audits or memberships that your company has passed.
- Add your company Unique Reference Number / ID number that you were given from the standard / certification organisation. This will allow Sourcing Playground to verify and approve your certification claim. You can also upload any certificates or audit reports.

Pro Tip: This is very important information for buyers as this will demonstrate that you are a legitimate supplier and that your company has been verified by a third party/ industry standard. This helps to build trust and confidence in you as a company. All certifications and standards will be automatically added to the quotation that you send to buyers.
Don't forget to click save this section.


You cannot complete the review section yet
Once you have been selected as a chosen supplier for a buyers' project you can request buyers to submit a review about your company. This will be shown on your public profile so that potential buyers can see your work history and reviews. This helps to build trust and confidence for new buyers choosing your services in future.
You will only be able to request reviews and get to 100% after our full launch


If you are having any issues please don't hesitate to reach out to our staff on the chat!
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