Everything you need to know to nail your quotes and proposals

How you present yourself as a company is so key in winning new customers. This is reflected in your presentations, quotes, company images, company presentations, product images, introductions etc.

The first impression counts
Spend time on making your company look professional and qualified so that new customers and buyers have a good first impression of you.

Within the quote there are three sections

Send a quote

1. Intro

Add a personal intro to your quote. The intro will be sent along with your user profile image so that the buyer can see who they are talking with. Make it personal for each buyer and spend time to introduce yourself.

2. Quotation

Unit cost - Add the unit cost for each of the items the buyer has requested for the volumes listed
Lead time - specify the average lead times
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) - add your MOQ's for each item
Images - add product images to show the products you can supply

Please note that if the buyer has not given enough information about the product(s), you can select the temporary pricing check box. This highlights to the buyer that you will need more information, product requirements, specifications to give an accurate quote.

3. Why work with us

Add a few lines to let buyers know why they should work with you. Have you worked with any major customers before? What are your key selling points as a company? Do you have fantastic customer testimonials which show you are great to work with? Do you hold any certification (ethical audits, sustainability or environmentally friendly procedures and measures) that the buyer should know about?

Try to convince buyers by giving them an outline about what makes you different.

This will really help you to stand out from the competition. Take the time to send personalised, well thought out quotes. It will massively increase your chances of winning new customers.

Once you have submitted your quote you will be able to chat with the buyer.

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