How to get started and talk with potential new buyers

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1. Complete your profile
Once you have signed in, you will need to complete your supplier profile page before you can begin your search or start talking with buyers.
See our guide about how to create the best supplier profile - How to Create a Standout Supplier Profile 🔥

2. Search for projects
Once your profile is completed you can now search for buyer's projects. Search here

3. Submit a quote
When you find a project that you can supply, go ahead and submit your quote.

4. Chat with buyers
Once you have submitted a quote you will be able to start chatting with the buyers using our chat function. You cannot chat with a buyer unless you have submitted a quote for their project.
As soon as you have submitted a quotation, the buyers will be added to your contact list so you an access anytime.

You can access all messages by going to My Messages from the top menu. We recommend that once you submit your quote, to send a follow up message straight away to begin the conversation with the buyer. This will demonstrate your responsiveness and proactive approach to new potential buyers.

You can also access new messages straight from your dashboard here

You will be notified as soon as you receive a new message from a buyer or contact from the Sourcing Playground team.
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