Boost your supplier profile to help you to reach more customers by upgrading to become a featured supplier

Becoming a featured supplier you will get access to bigger buyer opportunities and features that will help boost your profile to attract new customers.

How to upgrade your account?

Login to your supplier account on Sourcing Playground
Click Membership from the top menu
Then click featured from the drop down menu labelled Membership

You will see that the quoting opportunity increases to unlimited. This means that you can quote on all projects & opportunities. The cost of this membership will then appear on the right.

Next, click the Upgrade Membership button
Now it will ask for you to Add your payment details. It will show the total cost of the membership on this screen as confirmation
You can pay with card details
Once you've added your card details, click pay now
Once payment has been successfully processed, it will then take you to a confirmation page to confirm that you have successfully paid and that you are now a featured supplier.

A member of the team will review your upgrade first, before it will be shown live. As "Manufacturers" & "Trading Companies" are only able to upgrade their accounts.

Payment will only be taken once your upgrade has been confirmed by a member of our team. You will receive an email notification confirming that your upgrade has been approved and that payment has been taken.
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