How to add verification to your supplier profile

Verification allow buyers to see that you are a real entity and company. The better your profile and more trustworthy you appear to buyers the more likely they are to respond and hire you for their opportunities.

Verification that you have added will appear on your profile listing as icons.

Verification include:

Completed profile
Country added

You will already have an email assigned to your account when you signed up to Sourcing Playground. You will need to verify this email, you should receive a verification email when you first signed up. (Please check spam boxes if you've not received it)

If you want to change your email address or password at any time, click Settings from the top menu.
Then click Profile from the left hand side menu.

Add the email address you'd like and then click Update Email to save your changes.

Completed profile
Your profile will show as completed once you have filled out your supplier profile page to 100%.

Go to your profile by clicking My Profile from the top menu.
Here you will see what percentage your profile is.

Each section of the supplier profile has a certain percentage. Once you fill out each section and click save and your percentage will increase.
Here is a breakdown of how your profile is calculated:

Overview - 25%
Your products - 20%
Product portfolio - 15%
History - 10%
Certifications - 10%
Reviews - 20%

Country added
From your supplier profile, select from the drop-down menu and add the country where your company is based.

Become a "Verified" supplier
Only suppliers that have gone through our verification process can show as "Verified". Please look at our supplier membership options for more details:
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