Within a supplier's quote you will find all the information you need to help you determine which supplier to choose

Within each quote you will have:

An introduction from the staff member who submitted the quote
The contact details and role for the person who submitted the quote

Unit cost - The price for each unit / product.
Lead time - The time taken from when the order is placed to when the goods are ready to ship
Minimum order quantity - This is the minimum number of units you can order for a product

Attachments / images of the products they can supply

Further information
A brief summary of why you should work with their company.

Supplier's profile
Supplier's profile - You will be able to see a brief overview of the supplier's profile with all the key information about their company. You can click View full profile to see more details.

Please note that pricing may be subject to change depending on the level of detail you added within your project and also the product requirements you have.

Suppliers will mark pricing as Temporary if they feel they need more product information or specifications to provide accurate quotes.

Once you have reviewed the quote you can:

1. Chat with suppliers
Click chat with supplier to discuss your project and requirements in more detail using our chat system.
Once a supplier has sent you a quote, they will be automatically added to your contact list. You can access all your contacts and inbox anytime by clicking the Inbox button on the top menu.

2. Send feedback
You can send a quick reply feedback. This is to help the supplier understand your review stage and to give them feedback. We always suggest to give feedback where possible as suppliers spend time on sending quotations and introductions so it's great if you can keep them updated!
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