Upgrade to become a featured supplier to to get access to larger enquiries with established brands & premium listings to make sure you stand out from the crowd

What's included when you upgrade to a featured membership?

Higher value enquiries
Suppliers with a featured membership will be able to quote on projects of all sizes. Free suppliers will be limited on quoting on projects up to $10k however when you upgrade you can quote and chat directly with buyers of all sizes.

Featured profile
Featured suppliers will have a featured badge showing on their profile and will be listed in the featured suppliers list.

Priority quotes
Quotes will be listed above other supplier quotes, getting premium positioning so that buyers do not miss your proposals.

Free copy writing (profile review)
We will ask for you to provide company presentations, brochures, links to your websites and any supporting information you have about your company. We will then help to re-write your supplier profile, writing the content, helping uploaded images (images will need to be provided), adding the relevant products, categories, ensuring your profile is professional, well written and maximising your potential to reach international buyers.

Priority support
We’ll be with you every step of the way. Priority support will mean you will have priority for any customer service questions or help that you need from our customer support team.

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